The equipment will be delivered to Sport Central where it will be sorted, repaired, and given out to kids in need. For more information about our process, click here.

If the equipment is in is relatively good shape – not cracked, rusted, or broken beyond repair – can be donated to Sport Central. Safety is our first priority.

Sport Central gives equipment primarily to kids in need who live in the Edmonton and surrounding area. We also donate to communities from Red Deer to the northern border of Alberta and to areas outside of Alberta when there is a surplus of equipment.

Sport Central takes equipment for over 13 different sports. Click here for a list of what we accept.

Sport Central is currently in need of: ­

  • Soccer Shin Pads
  • Soccer Outdoor Shoes
  • Hockey helmets in good condition (new and used). ­
  • Junior Hockey Sticks (new and used). ­
  • Right­handed adult hockey sticks (new and used). ­
  • Jocks and Jills in good condition (new and used). ­
  • Skate laces (new). ­
  • Bicycle helmets (new).
  • Bicycle locks (new) .
  • Bicycle bells.

Updated May 10, 2016.

Yes. For every financial donation over $100, you will receive a charitable tax receipt. Tax receipts are provided automatically through Canada Helps.

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Children are referred by a number of agencies including KidSport, Catholic Social Services, schools, government departments and community leagues. Qualified individuals also refer to us such as healthcare professionals, teachers, Edmonton Police Service and Edmonton Fire Fighter’s staff. Family financial status and need must be verified by a suitable professional. Click here to view our Agency Referral Checklist.