Thanks to our dedicated volunteers and donors, Sport Central has provided equipment and bicycles to over 180,000 children in need since our inception in 1991.


Our staff and volunteers measure and outfit kids in person to ensure a perfect fit. Sport Central’s first priority is to provide equipment for kids and youth in the Edmonton and surrounding area.

Our second priority is to ensure that no children or youth from Red Deer to the northern border of Alberta, miss out on sports due to a lack of equipment. Sport Central will also consider requests from out of province if we have a surplus of the equipment requested.


There are some items that Sport Central must purchase, some for safety reasons and others because they are not often donated.


Sport Central fund raises for purchased equipment through a combination of Special Events and Government Grant Proposals, and our Annual Mark Spector Golf Classic Tournament


Sport Central provides resources, people, and information to help enable more children across the country to get active and have access to the benefits sports have to offer human development and health. Click here to find out if your community qualifies for sports equipment from Sport Central.