Dave Semenko’s
“Put A Lid On A Kid”

February 15 – 29, 2024

Join Sport Central and the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation (EOCF) in this pivotal initiative as we honour the legacy of the legendary #27, Dave Semenko. We’re launching the “Dave Semenko’s Put A Lid On A Kid” campaign, dedicated to providing new helmets to kids in sport across Northern Alberta.

Inspired by the memory of two-time Stanley Cup winner and Edmonton Oiler Great, Dave Semenko, our mission is to champion the safety of kids in sport.

Our Goal?

To raise funds for new helmets! This campaign aims to not only raise awareness but also generate funds to ensure that every kid in sport can engage in sports without compromising their safety.

With just $50, you can cover the cost of one helmet, thanks to our fantastic partnership with United Sport & Cycle. Let’s come together to make sure every kid can play it safe.

Our Partners in Play

Sport Central
Sport Central is dedicated to making sports equipment available to kids ages 4-17 who may not have access or opportunity across Edmonton, central and northern Alberta. Sport Central collects gently used sport equipment, refurbishes & repairs, and then redistributes the equipment (including bikes) so every kid has the chance to play or participate.

Sport Central provides equipment for over 20 different sports and activities, making them accessible to kids – many for the first time. The mental, physical, and social benefits of being active are invaluable. Kids can participate in Sport Central’s exchange program: as the kids outgrow their equipment, they can bring it back in and exchange it for the next size. Sport Central is driven by the mission of empowering kids, one piece of sports equipment at a time.

Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation (EOCF)
The Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation (EOCF) is a proud supporter of Oil Country and has been contributing to our community’s success since 2001. The EOCF is kicking off Put A Lid On A Kid with a fantastic $25,000 contribution! This generous donation kickstarts the campaign, showcasing the community’s united effort in safeguarding the well-being of its youngest members.