Changing Lives Through Sport

SPORT CENTRAL ASSOCIATION is an Alberta based Charity that was founded on December 6th, 1991.

  • We receive, repair, refurbish and redistribute gently used sports equipment to kids aged 4-17 in families facing financial hardship.
  • We serve kids from Red Deer, up to the northern border of Alberta.
  • We collect equipment for over 20 different sports and recreational activities:
    • Bicycles (pedal, run, tricycles), badminton, baseball, softball, basketball, cross-country skiing, figure skating, football, golf, hockey (ice, ball, inline), lacrosse, leisure sports (skateboards, scooters, & sleds) ringette, roller skates, rollerblades, rugby, snowboarding, soccer, tennis, and volleyball.
  • We have 46 equipment donation locations in the Greater Edmonton Area, making it convenient to donate near home or work.
  • In addition to the kids we serve through our front door, we have a community outreach program which sends bulk shipments of equipment, locally and regionally, to communities, community leagues, and schools to help build sports related programming.
  • We have an equipment exchange program — as the kids outgrow their equipment, they can bring it back in and exchange for the next size.
  • We are committed to keeping equipment out of the landfills by repairing whatever we can and recycling materials we cannot (such as rubber bike tires and metal— we recycle over 20 tonnes of metal annually).

Thank you for supporting Sport Central. With your help spreading the word about our services, you too are changing lives through sport!

What We Do

Get involved with Sport Central and help bring the gamechanging power of sports to every kid’s life. Supporting Sport Central is not just about providing sports equipment… it’s about unlocking the boundless potential of every kid.

How To Get Involved

Give Equipment



Our Vision

Changing lives through sport.

Our Mission

Empowering kids, one piece of sports equipment at a time.

Our Core Values

Appreciation: We acknowledge and express our gratitude for the contributions of our donors, volunteers, and team members.

Fun: We believe that sports are a source of fun. We strive to make Sport Central enjoyable for everyone involved.

Inclusive: We are motivated to ensure people feel welcomed, included, and valued. We treat every person and every relationship fairly and equally.

Relationships: We recognize the importance of building relationships and partnerships in the communities we serve. These relationships amplify our positive impact.

Service: We deliver services and assistance beyond expectations.

Our History

Recognizing the need for a storefront facility near neighbourhoods in need, Sport Central founders rented the former Highland Sports building on what is now Wayne Gretzky Drive. The building purchase was finalized in January 1998 with help from a Community Facility Enhancement Program grant. A decade later, in dire need of more space, Sport Central bought the former BMC Automatic Transmissions Centre located directly north across 119 Avenue, again with provincial support from the Major Community Facilities Enhancement Program.

Even before the first child walked in the door, Sport Central became a gathering spot for sports alumni and other volunteers—a Hot Stove League of willing hands. Led by a General Manager and several key individuals, they made things happen: renovations, transportation, gear sorting and repair, fitting kids, fundraising. And they have fun. Going far beyond the call of duty on behalf of kids, they were a walking testimony of the strong spirit of volunteerism for which Edmonton is known.

The original Hot Stove League has aged nearly twenty-five years since the doors opened. New recruits stoke the fire but more help is always needed.

As Sport Central becomes more widely recognized as a sports equipment donation and distribution centre for kids in need, Sport Central can now serve more children—if the hands are there to do it.

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