Every year we try to set reasonable and acheiveable goals for our Warehouse Team. Here is a brief overview of our goals, targets and current status:

  • 1826 hours to date out of target 4000 warehouse volunteer hours = 46% to goal
  • 1362 pieces of equipment/helmets repaired to date out of target 1800 = 76% to goal
  • 221 pairs of skates sharpened to date out of target 1000 = 22% to goal
  • $41,636 worth of new equipment donations to date out of target $100,000 = 42% to goal

We need 3 new Volunteer Outfitters and 1 new Volunteer Receptionist. If you know of anyone who is a great fit, please ask them to call us or email thekid@sportcentral.org.

We are working on various projects around the Warehouse as well including replacing older shelving with newer, more adjustable shelving. This will be a better use of our space, leading to better organization, and make finding the right equipment easier for our outfitters.

We have an ongoing helmet sticker project! All bike and hockey helmets purchased over the last two years have a Dave Semenko “Put-A-Lid-on-a kid” decal on them as part of the campaign objectives. We’ll continue to attach these decals to all new helmet inventory ongoing.

We have noticed a slow down in donations lately. We do expect a small increase as the weather warms up. Until then, our focus remains on maintaining an orderly warehouse with intuitive organization, labelling and other warehouse improvements.


Our friends at Sherwood Park Minor Hockey Association donated several sets of goalie gear and we are so grateful. Thank you! (bottom right, Brad Hunka, General Manager of SPMHA posing with the donation.) 

It is actually the LARGEST single donation of goalie equipment Sport Central has ever received! We’re talking 22 Goalie Chestpads, 26 sets of Goalie Pads, 13 Goalie Sticks, 17 Goalie Blocker and Catcher sets and much more!

Most of the gear is in sizes we badly need that rarely get donated! Thanks again to SPMHA for thinking of our kids and keeping them safe between the pipes! We are beyond grateful for this donation and we can’t wait to see many new kids get in the net thanks to this donation! Watch CTV’s story on this here.