Our Outreach Program continues to find new communities, associations, children in need of our services.

Here is what we’ve accomplished thus far for the year:

We have helped 19 Local Community Leagues, out of our target of 24. 79% of target

11 New Communities have receive bulk shipments, out of our target of 20. 55% of target

1,028 kids have received sport equipment through Outreach, out of our target of 3,500. 29% of target

This year we advertised our Outreach Program with the help of the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL). We in turn provide equipment free of charge to be used at thier outdoor rinks.

We are developing  a survey to send to our past outreach community partners to assess the results of our program and learn more about their specific equipment needs.

Our primary focus over the last few months has been supplying local community leagues with shinny equipment like skates, helmets, sticks, gloves and more. As the year progresses, we will be switching our focus to reconnecting with larger communities across Northern Alberta and beyond.

So far we facilitated large bulk shipments to the communities of Fort Vermilion and Calling Lake.


Hockey Edmonton Youth Outdoor Hockey League has scored big time with kids! They had more than 140 children sign up to join the skates at Eastwood, Spruce Avenue and Delton Community Leagues. As word spread, more children came out and joined the skaters. There were people putting on blades for the first time ever and kids who were very familiar with the game but were not playing organized hockey for a variety of reasons, both enjoying the ice time!

Of course Mother Nature tried her best to interrupt the program but the hearty, hardy souls prevailed! A Saturday shinny session was added to the program towards the end so the kids could test their skills in a fun setting.

Outdoor Hockey League volunteers facilitated the program but had help, especially from the fine folks on the front lines in the community leagues. Financial help was provided by the Hockey Alberta Foundation and the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation. Finally, Free Play provided on-ice instruction while the League ensured every kid was geared up to play this great game. As they say, it takes a village to raise a child!

Enjoy this video from Hockey Edmonton on how the day went: Click Here

Check out the CBC video: Click here