If you are a family in financial need, you may be referred to Sport Central for sports equipment by a social service agency, school or community leader. Click here for a list of current referring agencies. A referral is required for each appointment. Referrals are void after three months.

If you have a valid Alberta Works Health Benefits Card, AISH, or a City of Edmonton Leisure Access Pass, you are able to refer yourself without contacting an agency. You can give us a call at 780-477-1166 or email us at to request a self-referral form. We will contact you once we have processed the referral.

If you are an agency looking to help a family in need access equipment, please click here


After a referral is made, the agency will ask you to call us and book an appointment for your child(ren) to be outfitted at a time that is convenient for you. Click here to see our hours of operation.


Your child(ren) will be outfitted at our main location with head-to-toe gear for the sport(s) named in the referral. See Sports We Provide Equipment For. 


When your child has outgrown the equipment, bring it back to Sport Central with a new referral to receive equipment that fits. Your outgrown equipment will be used to outfit another child. A new referral is needed for each appointment.

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