Getting gear to the kids who need it

Help us by being our connection to kids in need. A vital part of what we do is helping disadvantaged families access our services.

Apply to be a Referring Agent or Agency

Is it your first time referring to Sport Central?

Making your first referral

Once you have filled out and submitted the referring agency application, Sport Central will contact you once it’s been reviewed. If you application has been approved we will provided you with a referral request form to complete for each family referred.

Email to or fax to 780-474-9982. Please inform the family to call Sport Central to make an appointment 48 hours after the referral is sent.

Agency Referral Checklist

Agency FAQ

What’s required to become a referral agency?

Our referring agencies typically work with low-income families, children and youth who need financial assistance to get involved in sports. They include social workers, schools, charities and other community groups and facilities. To become a referring agency, your organization will need a process for determining the financial need of a family and must keep documentation of the families it refers.

Can more than one person refer from the same agency?

Yes, although some of the agencies we work with have identified one or two main referring agents. If you have not referred to us before but would like to do so, click on the link above in “Getting Started” to apply.

How do I make a referral?

Apply as a referring worker, agency, school or organization by clicking on the Apply Here button above.  For additional information, click Agency Referral Checklist.

What type of equipment can I refer children for?

Sport Central collects all types of sports equipment. Click here for a list of sports equipment we accept.

How many sports can I refer for at one time?

You can refer a child for as many different sports as they would like to play! We will only outfit a child with three types of sports equipment per appointment, but children are welcome to make multiple appointments for different sports throughout the year. Children wanting full hockey gear must be registered with an organized league.

Is there an age limit on children I can refer?

Sport Central accepts referrals for children between the ages of 4 to 17 years of age.

How many times can I refer a child for equipment?

You can refer children for equipment as often as they need it. As children grow, their equipment can be exchanged for bigger sizes. Referrals must be provided for each appointment.