VOL. 3, Issue 1

Year End Review and Year Ahead

Like all businesses and institutions this past year, our charity has made adjustments to operations, incorporating health protocols, and adding more cleaning to keep visitors and children safe.  Thank you to staff and volunteers who went the extra mile to respect our COVID guidelines.

The Bike Shop team exceeded their goals this year providing 547 more bicycles than last year.

Numbers of children coming for sport equipment haven’t returned to pre-pandemic levels yet, but our Outreach Program continues to grow and sustain the number of kids helped at 8,912. 

Financially we enjoyed tremendous support from our friends and partners.  Many thanks to each of them who want to see our important work continue.

This year we mark 30 years of service to kids in need of sport equipment.  Everyone associated with Sport Central can celebrate the 180,000 and growing children we have got into the game or onto a bike.  That you for being part of this enterprise!

Executive Director,

Sheldon Oleksyn