In Memoriam

Roger Otteson 1935 – 2021

Roger, long time board member, volunteer and great contributor to Sport Central.  He served on the Sport Central Board of Directors for eight years, five of those, he was the President.  After his tenure, he continued to be a member of the Finance Committee and volunteered as a van driver picking up sport equipment from drop off locations.  He will be deeply missed by those who know him.  For more details on his life and involvements, click on the link below:


Stu Bailie 1934 – 2021

Stu was a kind and gentle man who loved to keep active and share this time and skills for the benefit of others. For well over a decade, he was usually the first one in the Bike Shop repairing bicycles with the radio tuned to his favourite country music station. He was a regular and consistent worker who happily applied the mechanical knowledge he learned as a farmer to the repair of bicycles. 

We don’t know the exact number of bicycles Stu repaired, but it would be in the thousands. He would have outfitted neighbourhoods full of kids with the bicycles he restored. His co-workers and volunteers state he was a BMX expert.  There wasn’t one he could not fix. 

Because he was a teacher by trade, Stu was a patient guide in showing others the skills and technique needed to get bikes fixed and out to children in need. 

In December of 2017, Sport Central honoured him with a Volunteer Service Award for the amazing impact he made with our charity and in our city. Stu put a lot of smiles on the faces of children who never knew his name but received a safe, custom-fitted bike because of his efforts.  

Stu is deeply missed and his passing is a loss to us all at Sport Central. He lived and breathed our motto, “It’s amazing what can be accomplished when nobody needs to get the credit!”