Supporting Edmonton-Based Programs

Sport Central provides support and resources to programs in the Edmonton area that offer kids in need the opportunity to participate in the sport of their choice. Here is a sample of programs Sport Central supports.


KidSport Edmonton and KidSport Alberta cover partial costs associated with registration. They refer most of their clients to Sport Central to provide the necessary equipment.

Sport Central Outreach Program

The Sport Central Outreach Program distributes sports equipment and support to children and youth in need in northern Alberta. Its primary objective is to help interested and identified communities establish their own sustainable programs to source, maintain and distribute sporting equipment to kids in need. The outreach program partners with like-minded community groups to help them establish their own unique programs. This is done by sharing Sport Central’s “best practice” knowledge and the delivery of initial start-up equipment to qualifying communities. Because it is built by the community for the community, this program may look different everywhere it is established.

For more information on how your community can qualify and apply for sports equipment, email us.