Shout out to Ramadan, Ethan and the 15 other volunteers who made the move out at Axe Music happen. (read the whole story here)

Thanks to the 41 volunteers who helped us sell 50/50 tickets on May 22.  

Big shout out to our partner, Hockey Alberta who sent 15 Beaumont volunteers. Also, thank you to Erin Winch, John Younie and Don and Annette Evans, who all stepped up and found numerous fantastic sellers and coordinated all of them as well.  What a team!

The Oilers were quite the team that night, too!  We all rejoiced in a victory over Calgary.  Until the 3rd period, we thought we had a shutout.  However, they did squeak one out in the third.  Final 4-1 Edmonton, of course!

Evander Kane got a natural hat trick in the second period. How rare is a natural hat trick?

A natural hat trick is when a player scores three consecutive goals in the same game.

Based on the last five seasons, dating back to 2016-17, 13.6% of all hat tricks were natural. In total, there were 338 hat tricks registered in the regular season, and 46 of those were natural hat tricks. That amounts to 9+ natural hat tricks each season, on average. 

Fun Fact: Wayne Gretzky holds the NHL record for most hat tricks (all of them natural) in a career by 50. Because of this, it is sometimes unofficially known as a Wayne Gretzky hat trick.  

The winning 50/50 was drawn on May 24th and the winner of $4,599,250 was Mary Hickey.  Wonder if we sold her the ticket?  It would be fun to know!

Sport Central was definitely a winner as we received a handsome cheque from the Oilers Foundation for our participation.  

Win/Win all around!